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    Help for the Uninsured

    Assistance for Low Income, Unsinsured Patients

    In early 2004, Sutter Delta Medical Center adopted a policy that expands our charity care policy and provides considerable discounts to low-income uninsured patients. This policy also provides catastrophic protection to these patiens and ensures consistent and fair bill collection practices.

    How It Works

    • Provide full charity care to low income, uninsured patients with annual family income below 250% poverty income level.
      • Example: 200% of the FPIG level for a family of four equals an annual income of $42,400 (2008)
    • Provide discounts limiting their payment to the equivalent of Medicare reimbursement plus 20% for our low income uninsured patients earning between 250% and 400% of the FPIG.
      • Example: 400% of the FPIG level for a family of four equals $84,800 (2008).
    • Provide catastrophic protection to low income uninsured patients by limiting their payment liability to 30% of their annual household income.
    • Enhance communication of available assistance by expanding communication channels.
    The charity care policy is limited to hospital charges and does not include physician, anesthesiologist or professional charges that are not billed by the hospital.

    Our standardized collection practices prohibit wage garnishments and bench warrants, and prohibits property foreclosures.

    Emergency Department Patients

    There is financial assistance for uninsured Emergency Department patients.

    For More Information/How to Apply

    For answers to your questions, or for more information on how to apply, please contact the Financial Counseling Department at (925) 779-2948, all messages will be returned with in 24 hours Monday through Friday.